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The Wheel Clan is the largest and most important Dwarven community on the continent of Arcanum; serving as its secular, religious, and cultural capital.



The Clan is found at 954W 667S about midway along the southern slope of the Grey Mountains. It is marked on the player's map after their encounter with Thorvald Two Stones on the Isle of Despair.



The entrance is hidden until the player stands in a crude square (Point 1) and dons a pair of Wheel Clan Spectacles. At which point the Clan entrance will be uncovered (Point 2). Once this occure the entrance will always remain revealed, thus alleviating future need of the glasses.

It is best to wait and enter in the morning, as some quest opportunities are lost by going in at night.

If you have Thorvald Two Stones in your party then he will leave as soon as you enter the clan. You can however arrange to make him an unwilling permanent follower, with the expected consequences by making him wait before your very first entrance. After that you can add him back to the party.

Level 1[]


This is the main corridor for access to the Clan:

  • Point A leads to the surface
  • Point B leads to level 2
  • Point C leads to level 3
  • Point E leads to the mines

Level 2[]


This is the main concourse for the Clan:

  • Point B leads to level 1
  • Point D leads to level 3
  • Point F leads to The Dredge
  • Point 1 is the Altar to Alberich, which is a part of the Ancient Gods quest
  • Point 2 leads to the throne room and Randver Thunder Stone. He is "King in Waiting" as his father, Loghaire Thunder Stone is missing.

Randver Thunder Stone[]

The Son of the King

  • Randver can provide general background and lore about the Clan
  • With an Intelligence of 10 he can further discuss Dwarven Philosophy (Stone and Shape) with you
  • He will also inform you that his Father is the one who needs to give you information about the Black Mountain Clan, and he will direct you to the Dredge
  • With a Perception of 8 and also 8 points of Persuasion he will give you a shortcut to the King.

Level 3[]


This is the main residential and shopping area

3 - Vegard Molten Flow[]

A retired miner, he will ask you to retrieve a family heirloom of his from the Dredge.

4 - Erick Obsidian[]

An historian, he will ask you to find The_Iron_Clan

5 - Thrayne Iron Heart[]

A concerned brother, he will ask you to Find His Sibling and send him home. Note that sometimes Thrayne goes to sleep and never wakes up, so make sure that you explore the Clan during the day

6 - Inventor's Shop[]

7 - Blacksmith's Shop[]

A possible resource for the Mithril Ore quest

8 - Herbalist's Shop[]

9 - Garden[]

A potential resource for the Halcyon quest

  • Point C leads to level 1*Point D leads to level 2
  • Point E leads to the mines

The Mines[]


This is the current source of work and income for the Clan. Treasure Chests (Points 1) abound, containing primarily crafting materials for artisans

2 - Arvid Millstone[]

Foreman of the idle work crew. He will give you the [[1]] of spiders quest

3 - Dread Crystal Spider[]

Theses are the main monsters that need to be slain to fulfill Arvid's quest. One of the chests that they guard contains the schematic for the Brain Builder

  • Point A leads to level 1
  • Point B leads to level 2
  • Point C leads to level 3

The Dredge[]


This is a maze of abandoned and tapped out mining sites

  • Treasure Chests (Points 1) abound, containing primarily crafting materials for artisans
  • The main entrance and exit is at Point B

2 - Loghaire Thunder Stone[]

This chamber contains Loghaire and the shortcut to the throne room.

  • Talking to him Dead or Alive or looting his corpse for a note will reveal his part in the disappearance of the BMC
  • This information will lead to a directive to seek out the Elves via Stillwaterwho were responsible
  • If you talked to Randver about the Stone and the Shape, then you can earn a fate point and convince Loghaire to end his exile and become king again
  • You can also gain him as a follower later, after you complete your mission in T'sen-Ang if you have convinced him previously to return from exile

3 - Vegard's Chamber[]

This chamber where Vegard Molten Flow's quest item is found

4 - Vegard Molten Flow's Key[]

This is the key to Vegard's Chamber