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Jared, the guard in front of Tarant's Vermillion Station, is very worried about his girlfriend Wilhemina. She was aboard the IFS Zephyr, and he has not heard from her since its disapperance. He asks the Living One to confirm if she died in the crash. This quest is easily completed if Wilhemina's note is picked up during the beginning section at the Crash Site, otherwise the area will need to be returned to.


  • Talk to Jared in front of the train station.
  • (Optional.) If you don't have Wilhemina's note, Jared will ask you to return there and confirm that she died.
  • (Optional.) Go to the Crash Site and locate Wilhemina's body (left of the small pond, wearing a red dress) and grab the note.
  • Give Jared the note.
  • Jared will thank you and additionally ask you to help him arrange a tombstone for her.
  • Go to the Stonecutter and tell him that Jared sent you.


  • 1,700 exp and good alignment for delivering the note.
  • 1,700 exp and good alignment for talking to the Stonecutter.