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"Dog is a combat canine that earns his kibble by taking on all comers. As far as he’s concerned, granite creatures keep his teeth clean. Dog is loyal with no agenda of his own. You wanna do good deeds, he’s your buddy. You wanna walk the dark underside of Arcanum, he’ll keep the baddies at bay."


Dog can be found outside and near the back of the local Inn in Ashbury.


An unconscious creature initially identified as Worthless Mutt is being assaulted and slowly kicked to death by a Gnome. The Gnome will succeed in killing it if the player does not intervene within 1 hour of in-game time once arriving in Ashbury.


  • Dog will join the party as a regular Follower provided he is rescued by the player before he dies
  • Dog will also join if the player arrives too late to save him, but still ressurects him within a day of his death

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Dog is a "free" follower in that he does not count against the player's follower cap
  • He will join a player of any level, aptitude, or alignment
  • He is known as "Worthless Mutt" until he makes the next experience level
  • Dog cannot travel by train
  • Dog cannot equip any item, nor does he have an inventory to carry things
  • The spell Hardened Hands will increase Dog's combat damage, despite not having any hands per se


Dog has no dialogue. But he is prone to incessant howling at times.

Levelling Scheme[]

  • Dog is a fighter that specializes in Melee and Dodge
  • His Melee is set at 20/20, but the usable portion is capped by his Dexterity at any given point
  • He starts with Melee Apprentice training, and automatically gains Expert training at level 20 and Master training at level 30

Show Details

  • Melee 1
  • Dodge 1
  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 10
  • Melee 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Strength 12
  • Dexterity 12
  • Willpower 10
  • Melee 3
  • Dodge 3
  • Strength 15
  • Dexterity 15
  • Willpower 12
  • Melee 4
  • Dodge 4
  • Strength 18
  • Dexterity 18
  • Willpower 14
  • Melee 5
  • Dodge 5
  • Strength 20
  • Willpower 16
  • Max HPs 300



Dog was caught stealing food from a Gnome's house. Weakened by extreme hunger, the Gnome was able to catch and subdued him. Why Dog was foraging in town rather than in the wild is a bit of a mystery. Some speculate that he was a domesticated pet whose owner had died.